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In a complex, sensitive refurbishment of the celebrated Winter Gardens Pavilion in Weston Super-Mare, Remeha boilers have been installed to provide efficient, reliable heating for the Weston College Group, its new owner.

The Winter Gardens were formerly transferred from North Somerset Council to Weston College in 2016. The multi-million pound project involved Midas Construction redeveloping and modernising the 1980s extension to create the new Law and Professional Services Academy with additional learning space created for University Centre Weston in a newly-created twostorey extension.

At the same time, the original 1920s building with its iconic seafront ballroom has been sympathetically restored to its former glory. This, along with a new restaurant, seating area, meeting rooms and reception will be available for use by the local community.

Heating is a critical service in all buildings – after all, if the heating fails, the building risks closure. A reliable, well-controlled heating system is arguably particularly important in educational establishments given the growing connection between wellbeing and enhanced cognitive performance. Achieving a reliably comfortable environment for students and staff was therefore a key requirement for Weston College.

Consistent-temperature heating is equally essential to help protect the listed fabric of the historic Pavilion and Ballroom. High quality and longevity were therefore major considerations for the College when selecting the heating products.

Added to which, ensuring high performance heating helps reduce energy waste, emissions and whole life costs, in keeping with the College’s wider environmental commitments.

Consulting Engineers Jones King in Bristol recommended three Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro condensing boilers to meet all these requirements. The three high-efficiency floor-standing boilers provide space heating throughout the site and feed seven Air Handling Units.

In addition to their higher than average efficiencies, ultra-low NOx emissions and renowned reliability, the Remeha Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers have been specially designed for easier installation.

“The Gas 310s are supplied with integral wheels,” Mark continued, “making them easier to manoeuvre into and around the plantroom. Their compact dimensions meant that they fitted well within the plantroom design."

For Greg Spencer, Mechanical Contract Engineer at Priddy Engineering Services, installing the Remeha boilers was the easiest element of this intricate renovation programme.

“As the Remeha boilers are compact and lightweight, wheeling them in and positioning them was easy. They can also be connected directly to the building management system, so connection to the existing BMS was straightforward. We then added weather compensation controls to optimise boiler operation and maximise system efficiencies throughout the site. All in all, a seamless job!”

Weston College is delighted with the end result. With the building and heating system now fully operational, the new Remeha boilers are providing a warm, comfortable environment from the state-of-the-art new educational facilities to the newly transformed Winter Gardens development.

Kevin Curtis, Project Manager Midas Construction said: “We are pleased with the high gross efficiency of the Gas 310 Eco Pro boilers at over 98%, which will mean higher than average energy savings for the College, and the ultra-low NOx emissions which meet all environmental legislation. The boilers also boast a digital diagnostic display and remote signalling options which will enable easy operation and maintenance. Best of all, they are extremely quiet which means improved comfort for all who teach and learn in the Winter Gardens, with little to no noise interruption.”