The new Remeha Gas 220 Ace floor-standing boiler has been installed at Samuel Whitbread Academy, Shefford, in a field test prior to its UK launch.

Following best practice asset management, the school has replaced an existing 13-year-old Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro with Remeha’s new, high-efficiency floor-standing condensing boiler, the Gas 220 Ace. Currently operating alongside a Gas 210 Eco Pro, it serves the Arts & Drama block that houses the school’s Main Hall, Theatre and Activities Hall.

The Gas 220 Ace builds on proven technology to offer an even higher output to physical size ratio, optimum design simplicity and flexibility, and outstanding performance. The ease of installation certainly impressed heating engineer Ashleigh Jones of Spa Gas. "A lot of thought has obviously gone into the packaging and pallet design to simplify and speed up installation,” he said. “Disconnecting the old Gas 210 Eco Pro, unpacking the new Gas 220 Ace and then positioning it in the plant room took just an hour and a half.” .

Key to the Gas 220 Ace’s small dimensions is its innovative new monobloc heat exchanger with an exceptionally high output to physical size ratio. The reduced footprint and lighter weight are winning features for Ashleigh. He commented: “The Gas 220 Ace is a nice size – it’s light and extra-compact which makes it easy to handle as well as providing more working space. I also like the integrated wheels which make it easier to manoeuvre the boiler into final position.”

The Gas 220 Ace features a new ‘Click and Go’ condensate drain positioned underneath, rather than inside, the boiler. “This is really easy to connect and access,” commented Ashleigh, “which means there’s no need to dismantle the boiler to get to it when servicing.”

The heart of the Gas 220 Ace is its pioneering control platform with time and temperature controls supplied as standard. The enhanced, back-lit panel simplifies input and control for end-users while new parameter codes provide heating engineers with access to greater technical detail for rapid, straightforward servicing and diagnostics.

“First impressions? It’s so compact!” commented Tristan Mitchell, Facilities Manager at Galliford Try, facilities management provider for Samuel Whitbread Academy PFI. “The smaller footprint gives us greater accessibility within our plant rooms and we also like the enhanced control platform as the new interface allows for faster, clearer and simpler user control. Small, simple and accessible – can’t go wrong. We have already instructed our installer to proceed with the Gas 220 Ace for the remaining four boilers to be installed this year.”

Tristan continued: “We always use Remeha for our heating equipment as we can virtually guarantee the quality and reliability of the product and that it will match and often outperform our lifecycle expectations. The excellent service and availability of parts has been consistent since we have been working with Remeha over the last 15 years.”

The successor to the Gas 210 Eco Pro, the new Class 6 NOx Gas 220 Ace range is available in 160, 200, 250 and 300kW models with outputs from 34.7kW to 310kW. All connections and pipework are at the top of the Gas 220 Ace, enabling side-by- side or back-to- back positioning and flexible modular configuration options. With ultra-low NOx emissions at or below 40mg/kWh, the new Gas 220 Ace is future proofed for emissions regulations.