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Remeha boilers are providing high efficiency heating for 316 new Extra Care apartments across Hull.

Hull City Council secured £80 million of Private Finance Initiative (PFI) funding from the Department of Health for the Extra Care housing scheme. The 316 new apartments, which are located at three sites across the city, were built for the Council and are being managed by the housing association Riverside. These will provide much needed Extra Care housing for the city of Hull.

Heating and hot water provision is a critical service in a building, helping create the warm, comfortable environment that is increasingly linked with occupant health and wellbeing. With demand typically high in extra care buildings, achieving energy efficient, reliable heating and hot water was a key priority to ensure low operating costs and sustainable operation.

Remeha boilers were specified across the three sites due to the brand’s reputation for reliability and high performance. The small footprint of the boilers, which provides increased plant room design flexibility, was an added factor in the selection process. Mechanical engineers Vaughan Engineering Limited installed a Remeha Gas 610 9-section Eco Pro boiler to serve the 95 apartments at Cecil Gardens in Hawthorn Avenue, West Hull.

Two Gas 610 10-section Eco Pro boilers and one Gas 310 10-section Eco Pro boiler were installed at Redwood Glades, the 156-apartment building at Leads Road in East Hull.

At the 65-apartment Harrison Park building in Hall Road, North Hull, a Remeha Gas 610 10-section Eco Pro and a Gas 310 Eco Pro 10-section boiler were installed by contractors Yorkshire Plumbing and Heating.

For each of the buildings, a packaged, modular plant room was designed and fabricated off-site by Wates Residential in Hull to reduce on-site labour, hot works and construction time.

Luke Ellwood, Senior Project Engineer at Vaughan Engineering, said:
“The Remeha Gas 610 and 310 Eco Pro boilers were a good choice as their compact dimensions enabled them to fit well within the snug packaged plant solution. And as these boiler models can be installed side-to-side, they were particularly suited to the modular arrangement designed by Wates. The pipework was prefabricated to fit within the space, resulting in a nice neat installation.”

The Extra Care housing helps meets the growing demand for people with care needs, enabling them to lead a more independent and enjoyable life. The 316 one and two bedroom apartments in Hull are designed to be adaptable so that people can continue to live within their communities as their needs change over time.

Thanks to the Remeha boilers, the occupants of the Extra Care apartments can be assured of reliable, high performance heating and hot water. At the same time, the high efficiency Remeha boilers provide will help keep fuel bills and emissions low for the operators, Riverside.

The architects on the project were Croft Goode Architects.

Remeha boilers at Hull Extra Care Housing