High efficiency Remeha gas condensing boilers are helping provide maximum efficiency space heating at St Michael’s Care Home and Convent in Clacton, Essex.

This newly transformed residential care home, convent and chapel has been built on the site of the original St Michael’s Convent that was founded in 1908 by the Sisters of Mercy.

In keeping with the architectural design of this £5m redevelopment project, Essex-based Contractor NCC Mechanical Services Limited designed, specified and installed state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly space heating using renewable energy technologies supported by energy saving Remeha gas condensing boilers.

Bivalent systems combine the best of renewable and conventional heating technologies to maximise the efficiency of the system as a whole over the course of the year. At St Michael’s, the space heating is provided primarily through underfloor heating, with radiators and fan convectors heating some of the communal areas.

The entire heating system is operated at the reduced maximum temperature of approximately 45/35⁰C to enable both the heat pumps and the Remeha Quinta Pro boilers to achieve maximum efficiency. A control module optimises the efficiency of the heat pumps with a matching weather compensation and sequence control for the Remeha Quinta Pro boilers within the control panel.

An additional two Remeha Quinta Pro 45kW gas condensing boilers provide constant temperature hot water (82/71⁰C) to the LPHW frost coils of four large heat recovery units to bring tempered air to a number of communal areas.

“We have a long history of using Remeha products,” commented Director Andy Taylor of NCC Mechanical Services Limited. “The excellent quality and reliability of Remeha boilers is unmatched.”

The Remeha Quinta Pro is a market-leading condensing boiler offering high efficiencies of 110% NCV at 40/30⁰C (99% GCV), excellent low NOx and minimum carbon emissions. Available in 30kW, 45kW, 65kW, 90kW and 115kW, it can used in single or multiple configurations, wall hung, skid mounted or in cascade packages, for added flexibility and versatility of installation design.

Small and compact, the Remeha Quinta Pro has been designed for quick and easy installation with a small footprint for space saving capabilities. The Remeha Quinta Pro offers advanced boiler control (Remeha’s ‘abc’) for reliable heat delivery, making it the perfect solution every time.