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Remeha Fusion 35kW Gas Absorption Heat Pump (GAHP) is a practical, proven low carbon, low-NOx heating solution for new build and existing commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It takes energy from the surrounding air which is converted to higher temperatures with the aid of refrigerants.

By combining renewable energy with gas input and using the gas condensing heat generator to maintain high operational efficiencies, Remeha Fusion can increase the thermal output. This offers exceptionally high seasonal efficiencies of 120-130% even at low/sub-zero outside temperatures, providing continuous heating even in defrost phase.

It's available as a single unit or in cascade operations of up to 48 units and can be used as the sole supplier of low carbon heating or with commercial condensing boilers. Remeha Fusion Hybrid is a bespoke solution combining Remeha Fusion and Remeha Quinta Pro condensing boilers to meet the individual needs of a building.

The two energy-saving technologies are fully integrated through a specially configured BMS known as Remeha Touch to maximise efficiencies and savings.

  • Suitable for use in both new build and refurbishment projects - Versatile solution to low carbon heating
  • Proven high-performance - Highly efficient even at low/sub-zero outside temperatures
  • Uses gas as primary energy source at point of use - Extremely efficient, provides 98% of usable heat energy
  • Ammonia/water solution used as refrigerant - Environmentally-friendly solution with zero global warming and zero ozone depletion potential
  • Condensing heat generator - Achieves Class 5 NOx levels
  • Qualifies for five BREEAM credits - Able to significantly improve a building's environmental rating
  • Easily retrofitted as a 'bolt on' to serviceable boilers - Straightforward and affordable retrofit option
  • Available in bespoke system combining Fusion Hybrid and Quinta Pro condensing boilers - Can be tailored to meet the needs of a building with specially-configured BMS to maximise efficiencies


Download all current documentation for the Fusion and Fusion Hybrid by clicking on the links below.


Click to download the technical specification for the Fusion and Fusion Hybrid in PDF format

Nominal volume flow ΔT 10°C m3/h 3
Nominal pressure loss kPa 43
Maximum flow temperature of central heating water °C 65
Nominal gas consumption 15°C, 1013 mbar
  G20 2.44
  G30 2.03
GUE efficiency
% (nominal output 38.3kW)
Nominal input kW 25.7
Nominal output kW 38.3*
Flue gas flow rate kg/h gas 972
Supply voltage 230v - 50hz
Electrical power absorption (+/-10%) kW 1.09
Net weight Kg 400
Hydraulic connections " 1¼ F
Gas connection diameter " ¾ F
Flue discharge diameter  mm 80
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 848 x 1537 x 1258
Insulation class IP X5D
Eco Design ErP rating

@ 55°C

@ 35°C



Eco Design rated heat output warmer/average/colder climate conditions kW @ 55°C 29/29/36
Eco Design rated heat output warmer/average/colder climate conditions kW @ 35°C 30/36/40
Output (A7/W50) kW 70 105 150 175
Load (Hi) kW 51.4 77.1 102.8 128.5
Gas consumption (G20) m3/h  4.88 7.32 9.76 12.20
Nominal flow  m3/h  6 9 12 15
Residual pump pressure (ΔT 10K) kPa 20 20 20 20
Water content l 15.5 23.7 32.3 41.5
Supply voltage (voltage, type – frequency) v  400v x 3 + N – 50hz  400v x 3 + N – 50hz  400v x 3 + N – 50hz  400v x 3 + N – 50hz
Max electricity consumption W 2640 3960 5280 6600
Insulation class IP  X5D X5D X5D X5D
Gas connection Ø " 1½” M 1½” M 1½” M 1½” M
Water connection (flow/return) Ø " 2” M 2” M 2” M 2” M
Condensate drain Ø "
1” M 1” M 1” M 1” M
Noise levels (max) at 10m  dB(A) 50 52 53 54
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 2314 x 1245 x 1650  3610 x 1245 x 1650  4936 x 1245 x 1650  6490 x 1245 x 1650
Dry weight kg 970 1425 1920 2395

*GUE A7W50 152% nominal output: 38.3kW.

All data and values are provisional. Installation according to national guidelines.

  • Lake House Care Home

    Fusion Hybrid system provides high-performance, low-carbon heating for care home.

    A bespoke-designed Fusion Hybrid heating system was installed to replace the existing boilers.

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