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Remeha boilers at Nottingham City Hospital’s Children’s Centre

Nottingham City Hospital

Remeha Gas 220 Ace floor standing boilers have been installed at Nottingham City Hospital’s Children’s Centre as the most appropriate solution to meet the requirements for high-performance heating and hot water provision.

NHS Property Services had identified that the old boiler plant serving the Children’s Centre needed replacing as part of a routine maintenance programme. Energy efficiency and reliability were the key considerations, together with the need to avoid any disruption to the hot water service throughout the changeover.

Patrick McBennett at D H Squire Consulting Engineers LLP specified two Gas 220 Ace 300 floor standing boilers to meet the demand for space heating and domestic hot water throughout the Children’s Centre.

“Remeha is one of the preferred boiler manufacturers for City Hospital’s Estates and Capital teams due to their proven reliability and quality,” he said.

As a temporary boiler was already in place, feeding two plate heat exchangers to ensure an uninterrupted hot water supply at the Children’s Centre, this enabled principle contractor Palms Facilities to begin work stripping out the two old floor standing boilers.

“While space availability and flueing didn’t present any challenges, we did need to negotiate a step into the plant room. This was where the clever packaging of the Gas 220 Ace boilers proved useful. The boilers are delivered on a pallet with two ramps, so we were able to wheel them off the lorry, over the step and into position inside the plant room within a couple of hours.” Sam Smith, Mechanical Estimator at Palms Facilities

The Palms Facilities team then installed the Gas 220 Ace boilers using Remeha’s cascade system and low loss header for faster, straightforward installation. Using a low loss header optimises the performance and efficiency of the heating system while protecting the new boilers through hydraulic separation of the primary and secondary circuits. New flues and pump sets were also fitted as part of the project with the plant room and floors painted once the installation was complete.

Sam said: “All connections and pipework enter the top of the Gas 220 Ace boilers so, using the Remeha cascade and low loss header as we did, this resulted in a neat installation.”

The compact design of the Gas 220 Ace boilers, combined with the smart gas and water technology of the cascade system, makes it possible to install a high heat output in a small footprint. The hydraulic and gas system can be put together entirely without welding, using screw connections, compression connections and flanges.

Patrick McBennett from D H Squire confirmed that the project was successfully handed over to the client, NHS Property Services, and also the hospital estates team, both of whom were pleased with the installation. “The new boilers and layout allow a lot more space for maintenance within the boiler room,” he added.

Gas 220 Ace

The Gas 220 Ace is a premium floor standing boiler that exceeds expectations in performance capability and design simplicity.

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