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We offer complete cascade systems for two to eight commercial condensing boilers.

Increase heating reliability and efficiency with our easy-to-install boiler cascade systems. Added design, flexibility and a comprehensive range of options.

Spreading the total required heat output over several boilers in cascade configuration offers many advantages:

  • Greater reliability
  • Higher efficiency
  • Improved design flexibility
  • Quick and easy installation

Cascade systems are available with the Quinta Ace range, Gas 120 Ace range and Gas 220 Ace boilers.

The Quinta Ace range

We offer complete cascade systems for use with our wall-hung Quinta Ace range – making boiler cascade arrangements as simple as possible. The small footprint of the Quinta Ace range allows an exceptionally compact cascade configuration, making it possible to install a high heat output up to 1,292kW in an extremely small area.

Several different cascade options are available for installing two to ten Quinta Ace boilers, including linear and ba ck-to-back configurations, and wall-hung or free-standing arrangements. There’s also the added option for multiple output configurations, combining mixed outputs from the Quinta Ace range for increased design flexibility

The Gas 120 Ace and Gas 220 Ace

We also offer cascade arrangements for the Gas 120 Ace floor standing boiler range – up to four boilers back to back or in line, and up to eight boilers back to back for the Gas 220 Ace.

The Gas 220 Ace is particularly suitable for a cascade system. Because of its small footprint and width of only 90cm, it allows for an exceptionally compact cascade configuration. For example, when using four Gas 220 Ace boilers back to back (excluding the low loss header), approximately only 1.8m x 1.5m floor footprint is required for up to 1240kW (50°/30°C).

Our boiler cascade systems are very comprehensive, and use smart gas and water connection technology for easy installation. This means the hydraulic and gas system can be put together entirely without welding, using screw connections, compression connections and flanges. The individual components of the cascade systems are available for independent cascade installation.