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Keep up to date with the latest information for the commercial heating industry. From energy efficiency to legislation and regulation, we have all the information you need to ensure project compliance.

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Remeha Legislation - Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement

Boiler replacement doesn't have to be costly or disruptive with Remeha. A simple boiler upgrade to replace an inefficient model is a quick win to rapid savings.
Remeha Multiple Boiler Installation

Multiple Boiler  Installation

Installing multiple condensing boilers rather than one large output boiler will improve the modulation capability for more energy-efficient heating.
Remeha Sustainable Heating and Hot Water Systems and Solutions

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is a voluntary sustainability assessment method for buildings. Find out how our commercial heating solutions can play a part in your BREEAM project.
Remeha Legislation Information

The ERP Directive

The ErP (Energy related Products) Directive aims to reduce carbon emissions across Europe. Find out more about how it affects commercial heating products.
Remeha High Efficiency Boilers and Air Source Heat Pumps


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