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Boiler Replacement

The UK's non-domestic building stock is among the least energy efficient in Europe and improving the energy efficiency of our existing buildings is the greatest challenge facing the building services industry. One answer could be a simple boiler upgrade.

Many of our non-domestic buildings rely on commercial boilers for their heating. But how efficient is the system? Buildings using old or failing boilers could be wasting as much as half the energy input up the flue, resulting in high operating costs and carbon emissions.

By contrast, our market-leading floor-standing and wall-hung condensing boilers operate at near maximum efficiency. They achieve on average 98% gross calorific value with low NOx emissions. That’s why replacing old, 50%-efficient boilers with high efficiency condensing Remeha boilers can dramatically transform a building’s energy and environmental performance. It’s a ‘quick win’ solution that can halve energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

We try and think of everything to make your job easier. Every boiler is engineered to the highest quality and is easy to install, including a modular configuration for added flexibility in plant room design. Even our largest boiler fits through a standard doorway. And they are also easy to operate and maintain.

With Remeha, a boiler replacement doesn’t have to be costly, complicated or disruptive.

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