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Boiler Rig Systems

Boiler rig systems are available for our Quinta range of wall hung boilers. Using a pre-assembled rig system brings greater reliability, due to the modular configuration of the Quinta boilers. Installation is also quicker and easier as the boilers are delivered on site in a pre-assembled wheeled unit. This reduces downtime and on-site labour, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency for our customers. Quality control is also improved as the pre-configured unit is pre-tested and delivered as a whole system, rather than as individual components.

Features and Benefits

Increased design flexibility
Rapid, high-quality installation
Accurate matching of heat output
Improved asset management
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Our rigs are all designed with your specifications in mind

We design and manufacture all boiler rigs to meet the exact requirements of your project and site. This tailored approach supports consultants to overcome plantroom limitations and meet tight deadlines. Increased design flexibility enables more accurate matching of the heat output for improved efficiency and greater cost savings. The bespoke rigs are able to accommodate most client specifications, from the position of the low loss headers to inclusion of plate heat exchangers for hydraulic separation. Improved asset management and BIM files alignment also assist with the facilities management cycle.

The rig system is built on a rigid wheeled box frame manufactured from fully welded epoxy powder-coated 40mm SQ for easy maneuverability and connection to the existing on-site system. The unit has fully adjustable legs for levelling after final positioning.

We’ve installed bespoke boiler rigs in different locations, including Gateshead Council and the Royal Academy of Arts. All sites are benefiting from rapid, high-quality heating solutions.

Remeha Bespoke Rigs Guide

Remeha’s bespoke rig systems help you overcome plant room limitations and tight deadlines.

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