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Remeha R-Gen Combined Heat and Power (CHP) range

Combined Heat and Power

R-Gen Gas CHP

The Remeha R-Gen Combined Heat and Power (CHP) range is the sustainable solution to providing highly efficient heat and power for applications with consistent heating and electricity. Converting gas into both electricity and heat in a single process at the point of use, the R-GEN NG operates at a higher level than traditional generation. It delivers a primary energy saving of up to 30% and up to 20% reduction in emissions. The R-Gen 20/44 NG and 50/100 NG models can achieve outstanding total-fuel efficiencies of 103-104%, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60% and primary energy consumption by up to 40%.

Features and Benefits

Extremely efficient

Lower operating costs – a more sustainable operation

Environmentally friendly

Low CO2 and NOx emissions that support environmental legislation

Greater visibility

Remote monitoring and control for greater visibility

Higher efficiencies

Achieve even higher efficiencies of up to 104% with 5.5kWe, 20kWe and 50kWe condensing units

New builds and existing builds

Suitable for new builds and existing buildings with year-round heat and electrical demands


A versatile solution to energy-efficient, low-carbon heat and power generation

Quiet operation

Low noise starting from 48dBA max at 1m for a quiet operation

Flexible usage

For single use, cascade or in conjunction with condensing boilers
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Product Literature

Technical Specifications

Power Level




Seasonal space heating efficiency ClassA+++
Rated heat output (P rated) (kW)7.510.614.8
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency (%)186186186
Annual energy consumption (kWh/GJ)6366/236366/236366/23
Sound Power Level L WA indoors (dB)636363
Electrical efficiency (%)26.526.525.6


Natural gas


Power level123123
Electrical Output (kW)2.854.15.534.15.5
Thermal output (kW)7.510.614.87.410.213.8
Fuel input (kW)9.714.119.510.11419
Voltage/frequency 3 ~ 230 V / 400 V / 50 Hz
Electrical auxiliary demand (kW)0.0650.070.080.0650.070.08
Electrical(Hs/Hi) (%)26.5/29.426.5/29.425.5/28.427.6/30.027.2/29.726.8/29.1
Thermal(Hs/Hi) (%)68.9/76.468.1/75.568.4/75.967.7/73.567.2/73.067.0/72.8
Overall efficiency (Hs/Hi) (%)95.3/105.794.6/104.993.9/104.295.3/103.594.6/102.793.8/101.9
Primary Energy Factor f PE,WV(6)0.417 0.416
Power Coefficient 0.390.390.370.410.410.4
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A))48 47
Flexible Service interval (oh)7000-11000(8)
Engine Stroke (N°)4
Engine Cylinders (N°)1
Generator Type (Type) Asynchronous
Grid Connection (Type)G98/1
Grid System (Type)TN-S
Circuit Breaker (Type)C
Dimensions WxDxH (mm)720 x 1070 x 1270
Weight (kg)580
Space Requirements min(W X D) (mm)1920 x 2020
Exhaust Connection Size (DN)80
Mass Flue Gas Volume (wet) (Kg/h)40
Flue gas volume (wet) (m3/h)33
Flue gas volume (dry) (m3/h)27
Flow Connection Size (Inch)1"
Return Connection Size (Inch)1"
Gas Connection Size (Inch)1/2"
Condensate Connection Size (Inch)1/2"
System working pressure (min) (bar)1
System working pressure (max) (bar)2.8
CHP Safety Valve Fitted (bar)3
Gas pressure (min) (mbar)15 37
Gas Pressure (max) (mbar)24 54

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