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Gas 120 Ace
Remeha Gas 120 Ace - Floor Standing Boilers

Floor Standing Boilers

Gas 120 Ace

The Gas 120 Ace floor-standing boiler provides maximum energy efficiency while the Remeha weather compensator options ensure the boiler closely matches the system demand. Conventional and room-sealed flue system capability enables the boiler to be sited almost anywhere within a building.

Features and Benefits


High-efficiency floor standing boiler up to 99% GCV – higher than average energy savings

Compact size

Extremely compact – particularly suitable for retrofit applications

Environmentally friendly

Low Class 6 NOx emission levels from 29mg/kWh (0% O2 dry) – low pollutant emissions meeting all environmental legislation

Trouble-free operation

Premix gas burner and one-piece cast aluminium heat exchanger – clean, trouble-free operation

Easily cleaned

Cleanable heat exchanger – as with all Quinta Ace models – dry side can be examined and descaled. Cleaning tool and gaskets available

Easy installation

Built-in advanced boiler control and calorifier control fully modulating 18–100% (5:1), 0–10V operation, on/off (volt free enable) – built-in flexibility for easy installation


For single use, cascade or in conjunction with condensing boilers

Quiet operation

Low noise starting from 48dBA max at 1m for a quiet operation
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Technical Specification





Nominal heat output central heating operation @ 80/60°C kW (min-max)*12.0-61.514.1-84.218.9-103.9
Nominal heat output central heating operation @ 50/30°C kW (min-max)*13.5-65.015.8-89.521.2-109.7
Nominal input (Hi) (min-max)12.2-62.014.6-86.019.6-107.0
SBEM seasonal efficiency GCV97.695.795.4
Efficiency – full load 100% NCV99.297.997.1
Efficiency – part load 30% NCV110.4108.1108
Useful efficiency @ 80/60°C (100% full load) GCV89.488.287.5
Useful efficiency @ 50/30°C (30% part load) GCV99.597.497.3
Seasonal space efficiency GCV94N/AN/A
ErPD efficiency ratingAN/AN/A
Standard fuelNatural gasNatural gasNatural gas
Optional fuel adjustment – see installation & service manualLPGLPGLPG
Max gas consumption NG m3/h6.69.111.7
Max gas consumption LPG kg/h2.53.54.5
Min/max gas inlet pressure NG mbar17 - 2517 - 2517 - 25
Min/max gas pressure LPG mbar37 - 5037 - 5037 - 50
Gas connection size BSP inches3/4"3/4"3/4"
Flue (concentric connection supplied as standard)
Flue diameter mm I/D100100100
Air inlet diameter mm I/D150150150
Min/max flue gas quantity m3/h18 - 9022 - 12530 - 160
Average flue gas temperature (75/60°C)30 - 12030 - 12030 - 120
Maximum counter pressure Pa100160220
Water content litres7.110.110.1
Hydraulic resistance @ 20°C ΔT mbar170160260
Resistance @ 11°C ΔT mbar562529860
Nominal flow rate @ 20°C ΔT l/s0.741.011.24
Nominal flow rate @11°C ΔT l/s1.341.832.26
Minimum flow rate I/hr290340455
Condensate connection25mm OD25mm OD25mm OD
Connection size BSP1 1/4" (M)1 1/4" (M)1 1/4" (M)
Standard operating temperature °C20 - 9020 - 9020 - 90
Max operating temperature °C909090
Max water operating pressure bar444
Min water operating pressure bar0.80.80.8
Min water operating pressure bar open vented* (0V)
Dry weight kg98109109
Dimension (WxHxD) (Includes flow/return and gas pipework)600x1340x605600x1562x605600x1562x605
NOx (Dry, 0% 0) Mg/kWh  EN 15502-1294141
Noise levels dB(A) at 1 metre404545
Eco Design Sound Power Levels LWA indoors dB556160
Standby heat Loss kWh/24hr0.1140.1190.119
Nominal power supply230v - 1ph230v - 1ph230v - 1ph
Power consumption-Full Load W25 - 9224 - 12434.3 - 180
Modulating input V dc0-100-100-10
Fuse rating amps6.36.36.3
Controls voltage24 (4va)24 (4va)24 (4va)
Insulation class IPIPX1BIPX1BIPX1B

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