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Gas 320-620 Ace
Remeha Gas 320 Ace - Floor Standing Boilers

Floor Standing Boilers

Gas 320/620 Ace

Engineered for reliable and efficient performance, the Gas 320/620 Ace floor-standing boiler is designed with new and old building plant rooms in mind. It’s a compact boiler, easy to install and easy to maintain. The Gas 320/620 Ace has the capacity to be installed side to side, which provides flexibility in floor design. It also has an optional secondary return feature that makes this boiler particularly suitable with heating technologies that use low-grade heat, such as heat pumps or underfloor heating circuits.

Features and Benefits

Operating range
ΔT of 10°C–40°C, operating range of 20°C to 80°C - Maximum set point 90°C
Low to zero
Low to zero-flow condition operation and monitoring, low-water content
Connection to BMS
Modbus gateway option for connection to a BMS system
Enhanced connectivity
Bluetooth for enhanced connectivity
Low emissions
NOx emissions from 15mg/kWh
Highly efficient
Condensing efficiency up to 106.8% - Non-condensing efficiency up to 98.5%
Easy installation
Multiple configurations, designed for ease of installation
Full support
Full technical support and information, commissioning included
7-year warranty
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Technical Specification


320 - 285/5

320 - 335/6

320 - 430/7

320 - 500/8

320 - 575/9

320 - 565/10

Nominal heat output central heating operation @ 80/60°C kW (min-max)51.1-260.764.8-326.778.6-394.891.5-461.0105.5-530.4118.7-600.9
Nominal heat output central heating operation @ 50/30°C kW (min-max)278.8350.3424.5497.1573.5651.5
Nominal input (Hi) (min-max)54-26668-33382-40295-469109-539122-610
SBEM seasonal efficiency GCV96.4896.3496.1996.0595.8995.75
Efficiency – full load 100% NCV98%98.1%98.2%98.3%98.4%98.5%
Efficiency – part load 30% NCV109.2%109%108.8%108.6%108.3%108.1%
Seasonal space htg Efficiency at nominal heat output88.388.488.588.688.688.7
Seasonal space htg Efficiency at 30 % rated heat output98.498.29897.897.697.4
Standard fuelNatural gasNatural gasNatural gasNatural gasNatural gasNatural gas
Max gas consumption m<sup>3</sup>/h5.7 - 28.17.2 - 35.28.7 - 42.510.1 - 49.611.5 - 57.012.9- 64.6
Min/max gas inlet pressure mbar17-2517-2517-2517-2517-2517-25
Flue diameter mm I/D250250250250250250
Air inlet diameter mm I/D250250250250250250
Flue gas mass flow rate kg/h91-448114-561138-677160-790184-907205-1027
Flue gas temperature &nbsp;&nbsp; 0°C30-6030-6130-6430-6330-6630-65
Residual fan duty Pa130120130150150150
Water content litres4960718293104
Hydraulic resistance @ 40°C ΔT mbar (kPa)34 (3.4Kpa)33 (3.3Kpa)36 (3.6Kpa)33 (3.3Kpa)38 (3.8Kpa)39 (3.9Kpa)
Hydraulic resistance @ 30°C ΔT mbar (kPa)60 (6Kpa)59 (5.9Kpa)64 (6.4Kpa)59 (5.9Kpa)67 (6.7Kpa)69 (6.9Kpa)
Hydraulic resistance @ 20°C ΔT mbar (kPa)113 (11.3Kpa)110 (11.0Kpa)120 (12.0Kpa)110 (11.0Kpa)125 (12.5Kpa)130 (13.0Kpa)
Hydraulic resistance @ 11°C ΔT mbar (kPa)374 (37.4Kpa)364 (36.4Kpa)397 (39.7Kpa)364 (36.4Kpa)413 (41.3Kpa)435 (43.5Kpa)
Nominal flow rate @ 40°C ΔT l/s1.
Nominal flow rate @ 30°C ΔT l/s2.
Nominal flow rate @ 20°C ΔT l/s3.
Nominal flow rate @11°C ΔT l/s5.
Standard operating temperature °C20-9020-9020-9020-9020-9020-90
Max operating temperature °C909090909090**
High limit temperature °C110110110110110110
Max water operating pressure bar777777
Min water operating pressure bar0.
Dry weight kg without packaging incl. control box366400435497533570
Dimension (WxHxD)707x1550x1862707x1550x1862707x1550x1862707x1550x2172707x1550x2172707x1550x2172
NOx Annual Emissions EN15502 G20434344454647
NOx Annual Emissions BREEAM G20151616171818
Noise levels dB(A) at 1 metre55.755.755.755.755.755.7
Electrical (excluding pump)
Nominal power supply230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz230v-1ph-50hz
Power consumption w10-2809-34510-45010-57610-76810-720
Modulating input v dc0-100-100-100-100-100-10
Start current amps444444
Fuse main (power connector)101010101010
Controls voltage24 (max 4va)24 (max 4va)24 (max 4va)24 (max 4va)24 (max 4va)24 (max 4va)
Insulation class IPX1X1X1X1X1X1
Run current amps1.

*Supplied as standard for conventional flue, option for room-sealed available

**When operating at >25°C ΔT maximum flow temperature is limited to 80°C

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