Remeha Sales and Expert Product Support


Technical Support

Do you have a technical enquiry? Please fill out the form below or call us. From determining correct flue sizes to understanding error codes or finding the right clearance spaces, our expert technical support team will be able to help.

How we can help

Installation and servicing support
Ensuring seamless installation processes and offering regular maintenance services to optimize the performance and longevity of our products
In-field support
Providing on-site assistance and expertise to customers, whether it's troubleshooting, system optimization, or addressing technical issues, ensuring efficient operation and resolving challenges promptly
Technical information and data
 Equipping you with extensive product specifications, performance data, and installation guidelines to support informed decision-making, system design, and troubleshooting
Maintaining and operating products
Ensuring optimal performance and longevity
Fault-finding and error codes
Efficiently identifying and addressing issues to ensure the smooth operation of our products
Guidance on legislation and regulations
Ensuring customers stay compliant with industry standards and requirements
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