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Cranberry Academy

Remeha boilers provide top of class heating at Cranberry Academy

When the ageing boilers at Cranberry Academy in Cheshire began to fail, the School responded quickly to ensure warm surroundings for its 200 pupils ahead of the winter months. With no heating, a building risks closure. Added to which, creating a comfortable environment is not only essential for the wellbeing of the children and staff, but increasingly connected with improved learning and productivity.

The school was relying on two old forced draft boilers that served the heating radiators and fan convectors in the main building. But as parts for these boilers were becoming difficult to source, the school’s operators, St Bart’s Multi-Academy Trust, took the opportunity to refurbish the heating system. The main requirements of the Trust were to achieve a cost-effective solution to reliable, energy-efficient heating that would enable easier future servicing and maintenance and simultaneously reduce energy bills.

Overseeing the project was the education property and construction consultancy specialist Lancaster Maloney who appointed Integrated Services Engineering Ltd (ISE) as the M&E consulting engineers.

Jules Jones, Associate Mechanical Director at ISE, recommended replacing the existing boilers with Remeha high efficiency condensing boilers

“We selected Remeha due to the quality and reliability of the products and the invaluable support they provide throughout a project,” he commented. “Our area manager, is always extremely responsive in providing quotations and technical information. Remeha’s commissioning engineers offer equally impressive service, always going the extra mile to make sure that the system operates as intended while looking after the immediate heating needs of the building occupants.”

To meet the load and space requirements at Cranberry Academy, Jules recommended installing two Gas 220 Ace condensing boilers. The compact design of the boiler impressed Jules. “The design of the Gas 220 Ace boilers means that all connections and pipework enter the top. As such, they lent themselves to the shape of the plant room at Cranberry Academy,” he explained.

The boilers were installed by TBR 24/7. Managing Director Jonathan Scott commented: “We love it when Remeha boilers are specified – it makes the whole process easier for us. From supply, through installation, commissioning and into the warranty period we are confident that we will have minimal issues, if any at all.

“The Gas 220 Ace was no exception. It was simple to position in the boiler room and installation was made easier with the top connections. I am always proud of the work my team does and once again the completed installation looks great.”

In addition to the Remeha boilers, a new building management system (BMS) and control panel have also been installed to enable effective monitoring and control of the refurbished heating system. This will help the school ensure good operational performance and, by avoiding unnecessary energy waste, help stretch tighter budgets.

As the temperatures continue to fall, Cranberry Academy and St Bart’s Trust can look forward to more efficient, more effective and more reliable heating and the prospect of significant energy savings.

Gas 220 Ace at Cranberry Academy-1