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Stuart Court

Remeha boilers selected to provide reliable, energy efficient heating at residential care home

Stuart Court in Kibworth Beauchamp is a supported housing scheme providing 29 self-contained apartments for up to 37 residents. With kitchen and bathroom facilities in each flat, there is a high demand for hot water and heating.

When the time came to replace the thirty-year-old boiler that had previously supplied the building, the contract was awarded to Leicester-based mechanical building services contractor Arthur Pollard Ltd.

Due to the nature of the building, ensuring a robust, energy-efficient heating system was a key priority for Stuart Court’s owners and managers, the Church of England Pension Board. They chose to install Remeha replacement boilers on the recommendation of Arthur Pollard, as Technical Engineer Oliver Foster-Pollard explained:

“We recommended Remeha boilers due to the reputation of the brand and the proven reliability of their boilers. Remeha boilers run for ever, in our experience, making them the most appropriate solution at Stuart Court, both in terms of initial capital costs and long-term returns.”

A major consideration was the need to maintain consistently high comfort levels for the residents by avoiding any disruption to the heating and hot water supply. To optimise long-term system reliability, Arthur Pollard opted to replace the single 360kW gas-fired boiler with four Quinta Ace 90 condensing boilers.

“Splitting the load across multiple boilers means that even if one boiler should fail, there will be no interruption to the heating and hot water provision,” said Oliver. “The design also makes the boilers easier to service and maintain.”

To minimise disruption during the boiler changeover, the works were scheduled to take place in the summer when there is typically no demand for space heating.

The challenge for Arthur Pollard was that the timings unfortunately coincided with an unseasonably cold spell. The team was also keen to avoid incurring the additional expense of a temporary immersion heater for hot water supply.

They therefore decided to install the four Quinta Ace boilers on a cascade system, prefabricated offsite in their store. The major benefits of using the offsite fabricated cascade were the huge savings in on-site time and labour. An added advantage of using this technique was that all the requirements of the project could be factored in from the outset. This meant that the flues could be designed offsite from the drawings, speeding up the installation process still further.

The result was a rapid installation and changeover, with the team completing the project in just one week. By the end of the first day, the old boiler had been removed and the new Remeha boilers brought into the plant room on the offsite fabricated cascade system. The boilers were bolted into position the following day and the pipework completed a couple of days later. By the end of the week, the boilers had been full commissioned.

The managers of Stuart Court are delighted with the outcome.

With the Remeha Quinta Ace boilers now fully operational, they are assured of a more reliable, effective and efficient heating and hot water supply and can anticipate considerable energy and costs savings moving forward.

Stuart Court