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Mercure Hotel

Premier hotel benefits from premium Remeha boilers

Remeha high efficiency condensing boilers have been installed at the four-star Mercure London Heathrow Hotel to meet the requirement for reliable high-performance space heating and hot water provision.

When the existing boilers began to fail at this premier hotel, the management was quick to act to maintain the very highest comfort levels for its guests.

Heating and hot water are typically large users of energy in hotels, so energy efficiency was a key requirement to keep costs and environmental impact low. In terms of boiler selection, a further consideration for project contractors Pipetech Mechanical was boiler size due to the restricted available space within the small, low-ceilinged plant room.

Project contractors Pipetech Mechanical recommended installing two Remeha Gas 220 Ace 300 high efficiency floor standing condensing boilers as the best solution for this project.

Fred Byng, MD at Pipetech Mechanical, said: “We recommended Remeha because we have worked with them on previous projects and have found their boilers to be extremely reliable and efficient. This is backed by the excellent service we receive from our Sales Manager.”

The design of the Gas 220 Ace made it perfectly suited to the Mercure London Heathrow Hotel, as Fred explained:

“The narrow, slim dimensions of the Gas 220 Ace boilers were a major benefit on this project,” said Fred. “The design of the boilers enabled a smooth installation and allowed us to install a high heat output in a compact footprint.”

An added challenge on the project was the need to avoid any interruption to the heating service throughout the works.

To achieve this, Pipetech Mechanical removed two of the old boilers to make space for the first of the new Remeha boilers. Once this was fitted and running, the system could be switched over. The last of the old boilers was then removed and the second new Remeha boiler installed. A plate heat exchanger was applied to separate the heating and boiler circuits and protect the new boilers from any debris or contaminated water.

“The project went extremely well with the hotel experiencing no downtime whatsoever,” added Fred. “The new Remeha boilers are operating really reliably and completely trouble free. And as they are successfully meeting the requirements for high comfort levels and efficiency at the hotel, our client is delighted.”

The Gas 220 Ace is a premium boiler that exceeds expectations in both performance capability and design simplicity, making it the perfect solution at the stylish Mercure London Heathrow Hotel.