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Why Remeha?

With our expertise we deliver the right heating solution.

We lead the way with reliability and efficiency at the core of our advanced heating systems. We are the experts on heat, bringing sustainable heating and hot water solutions for the future.

We deliver innovative heating and hot water solutions that are increasingly more efficient, effective and sustainable. We are at the forefront of high performance, caring about the planet and the importance of creating a low-carbon future. That’s why our products are built around a simple design concept and can be supported by our control systems to maximise heating efficiencies and minimise emissions.

Our range of innovative commercial heating systems and products always deliver reliable, efficient and flexible heating performance to achieve your project goals.

Our focus and investment in research and development enables our specialist teams to design high performance products at every level. From using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques to meticulous design and engineering specification, we ensure our products are efficient to specify, install, run and maintain.

Whatever the project requirement our team of dedicated Remeha experts are on hand to guide and advise on the solution that’s best for the project. Our commitment doesn’t end once the product has been delivered, we offer parts and labour warranties, commissioning, expert technical advice and training.

Our range includes high performance renewable and low-carbon heating solutions, such as Air Source Heat Pumps, Gas Absorption Heat Pumps (GAHP) and low NOx condensing boilers that can be installed standalone or integrated to create a low-carbon heating system.

Commercial heating can be greener, and we’re using our extensive experience to help our customers achieve their sustainable goals.

Why choose Remeha?


We provide bespoke specialist advice enabling each project to be completed to the highest of standards


Our team of dedicated experts work in partnership with you to achieve your sustainable goals


We create high quality sustainable solutions

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We develop and design reliable heating and hot water systems that add value to every project