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We’re completely focused on commercial heating solutions and at the forefront of condensing gas boiler technology – we don’t manufacture boilers for anyone else.

We invest heavily in research and development which enables our specialist teams to design high-performance into our products at every level. From using the latest materials and manufacturing techniques to meticulously designing and engineering each boiler, we ensure they’re efficient to specify, install, run and maintain.

All our boilers share the same simple design – so they’re expandable, adaptable and future-proofed. We’ve tried to think of everything, so from specification to blueprint sign-off through to supply and installation, our customer service and product support are our number one priority. 

We have decades of valuable experience and understand the exacting needs of commercial specifiers. That’s why our boilers are designed from the ground up – and then built around a single design concept. They’re specially designed for easy installation, including a modular configuration for flexibility in plant room design.

We don’t just do the basics really well. We understand the importance of detail. And the ways we can make your role easier and more successful. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive product resource tools in the industry. This includes free downloads of BIM files, plus 2D and 3D CAD drawings. Not to mention supplying suggested schematics with multiple hydraulic and electrical drawings to base your designs on.

Above all, we put ourselves in your shoes. So even our largest boiler fits through a standard doorway, 0-10 volt connections and flue gas non-return valves are both supplied as standard, and everything conforms to ErP regulations. And our commitment doesn’t end when we deliver to site. We offer full warranties, quality support and expert technical backup for your clients on all products.

Our range also includes complementary high-performance renewable and low carbon heating solutions, including Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units and Gas Absorption Heat Pumps (GAHP) that can be installed alone or combined with our boilers to create a new low carbon plant room.


  • Tried and tested system design.
  • Systems are expandable and updatable.
  • Guaranteed continuity of the model range.
  • The industry’s most comprehensive product literature.
  • Suggested schematics with drawings supplied.
  • 0-10 volt connections supplied as standard.
  • Flue gas non-return valves fitted as standard.
  • Pressurised flue systems supplied.
  • Boilers delivered directly to site.
  • Skilled sales managers with technical knowledge.