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The UK’s buildings are big users of energy, accounting for 17% of the nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Many waste energy, producing higher than necessary energy bills and carbon emissions.

So why is improving the energy efficiency of these buildings important?

  • Financial savings – buildings that operate more efficiently have a reduced energy demand. That means lower operating costs.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – by generating less energy, the buildings emit fewer greenhouse gases. That means improved environmental performance.
  • Environmental legislation – organisations operating in energy-efficient buildings will find it easier to comply with the tightening environmental regulations. That means improved productivity.
  • Sustainable credentials – environmentally-responsible organisations gain a reputation for ethical operation. That means enhanced profitability.
  • Increased security - reducing energy demand helps protect UK energy security. That means more resources for future generations.

So where to start? Heating is one of the first recommendations because it offers huge scope for important efficiency savings.

However, achieving maximum energy savings from heating equipment involves more than simply choosing what appears to be the most highly rated system.

Heating appliances offer the highest cost and energy savings when they are correctly sized to match building demand. Therefore, it is important, to size the boiler on the basis of the building as it is now, rather than rely on the size of boiler originally specified - and where possible look at a design that is sufficiently flexible to offer a degree of future-proofing against changes in building use. 

How can we help? We have decades of valuable experience in commercial heating. Every one of our products is engineered to the highest quality for unrivalled performance and high efficiency. Whatever the project, you can be sure we’ll provide the best solution possible to maximise heating efficiency.